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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Prince Anakin Rough Sketch!

Drum Roll Please.... Here's my "Prince Anakin" Rough Sketch :) LOL! Anakin doesn't look to impressed with it. Hopefully he'll like the finished painting and will think it shows his handsomeness properly ;) I'm still working on the background and hope to start painting soon! I'll be posting more work in progress pixs as I paint. Here's my art pages if you'd like to follow my artwork,
- Carrie Hawks, Tigerpixie Art Studio
"Vivid Cat Paintings and Fantasy Cat Art"
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  1. Geez Anakin, everybody's an art critic! I like the sketch of you lots.

  2. Carrie, you are so talented!! That is the most beautiful sketch; of course, you have a great model, and of course, Ani is a real prince!! He appears to be saying, "So, why did it take you so long to decide I am really a Prince"!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us.