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Monday, February 17, 2014

Mika's Anniversary!

Special Days this week! On February 16, 2013 with the help of some wonderful ladies, my hubby and I went on a road trip to pick up Mika! So today February 17, 2013 was Mika's first day in our home :) Here's his first video...... On February 22, 2013 I wrote, "Meet Mika! Anakin's New Brother from another Mother! We rescued Mika from a Texas shelter. Mika is a special kitty just like Anakin. Mika has about 1/2 of a tail. He has all of one leg except for the actual foot part where the pads and toes would be, and his other leg stops a little ways passed his knee and just rounds off at the end. They say he was born this way. Mika is a super friendly sweet cat and has already made himself at him with Anakin and The Gang. You can see more of Mika on Anakin's pages."

And just a few months later.... Anakin Bathing Mika, Brotherly Love, On May 14, 2013 I wrote, "What a difference a few months makes! Remember the hissing and growling Anakin did at Mika when I was first introducing them back in February? Well look at these two BFFs now. Anakin had been bathing Mika for a few minutes before I even started filming. How sweet are they! They really are just like two brothers now."


  1. Happy Anniversary, Mika! You are one lucky kitty to have been adopted by Carrie and her family as well as all the fur babies!! I remember checking the blog frequently that day for updates on your getting Mika and was so happy when you got him and posted a pic.
    Remember, too, Ani's first reaction and then his soon acceptance. Being the baby, he was bound to be a little jealous at first, but it is so good to see they are now the "bestest" friends!!

  2. Happy gotcha day anniversary, Mika!

  3. I love revisiting those two videos! That year passed so quickly it doesn't seem it was that long ago. All the kitties are like brothers and sisters now. What a beloved family! Hugs and purrs, Kathy



  4. Aw, happy gotcha day to Mika! Love how the two of them love each other now!

  5. all in all, i'm so happy that people like you exist and have the possibility and the will to help these poor little cats with disabilities. my prayers are for you too.
    happy anniversary, mika, you cute little baby!