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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mika is at the Vet :(

Mika Bunny

Mika is at the Vet :( This morning I noticed Mika wasn't feeling well. He was hiding under the dresser, didn't want any food, his third eyelids were kind of up, and he acted sore when I picked him up. The night and days before he had been acting just fine. This came on all of a sudden so I brought him to the vet immediately. Mika had a blocked urethra and UTI. They were able to get him unblocked. He is feeling better already and has already ate some food for them. He is on pain medicines and they want to keep him at their clinic on a catheter overnight. He will come home sometime tomorrow and will be on a special diet. They say he will be just fine. I will give you all another update after I talk to the vet again tomorrow morning. It's going to be a long night without my Mika Bunny here. Please send love and well wishes for my sweet Mika Bunny! I will keep you all posted.


  1. Poor Mika! I'm glad the vets were able to take care of his blockage so quickly. I'm sending lots of healing purrs his way.

  2. So sorry Mika Bunny is at the vet. But, so happy he is doing better. Sending special prayers for him. Know everyone at your house will be glad when he is back home. Bet Ani is missing his special pal.