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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Playing Catch Up! Lots of Pixs...

I had problems posting to Blogger while I was away at MegaCon so I'm going to post all of those pixs together here. Get ready for Lots of Cuteness!!.....

Can he get anymore beautiful! Yes, he's a boy but I still call him beautiful all the time!  love that purrrty boy!

Who else wants to rub that fuzzy cotton belly besides me! FYI That's just brown fur on Ani's booty and tail.

Anakin smelling my boxes full of art stuff. We just got home from MegaCon and Lil Man missed his mama.

This is Anakin's, Why are you taking my pix and waking me up look.

Here's Anakin helping me paint.  Really he was attacking my paintbrush! Silly Boy! @tigerpixieart on Instagram

Fluffy Fuzzy Bunny Belly! Mika Bunny loves his nap times!

Sweet sisters! Ani's big sisters, Pixie and Trixie taking a nap on top of the fish tank. The motor keeps it warm up there so they all love sleeping there.


  1. lovely!
    sweet critters that make our life more beautiful.

  2. Thanks so much for all the catch up pixs! Ani is just too precious, and Mika is such an adorable ball of fur!
    Good seeing Ani's big sisters; they are certainly pretty girls.
    Happy Caturday to the family.

  3. Who can't resist rubbing those sweet fur bellies! They are so cuddley! I bet there is a lot of brushing going on. Don't care if Ani and Mika are boys. Beautiful is the word for them. Trixie and Pixie look so peaceful lying on the fish tank. You have the prettiest kitties! Where's George? Love, hugs and purrs, Kathy