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Friday, September 5, 2014

New Ani Video! Anakin loves the new bedspread, Two Legged Cat

Anakin loves the new bedspread, Two Legged Cat. Short & Cute!... I got a new bedspread set and Anakin watched intently as I took the old set off and got the new set put on the bed. I then picked Anakin up and put him on the new bedspread and this is what happened! He loves the new bed set! He even made his "crazy kitty" face at the end of the video. Sorry the video quality isn't the greatest, It was from my phone and too cute not to share.


  1. He really loves that bedspread! I saw that crazy cat look! He deserves that nap! Hugs and purrs, Kathy

  2. Ani, I guess it's good you like the new bedspread set; it is pretty, isn't it? Always great to see you so well and having such a good time playing. Happy Caturday to you and the gang! And, I am certainly enjoying wearing my Prince Ani earrings!

  3. Ani sure went to town having fun with your pretty new bedspread. He seemed to have a great time testing it for durability & softness. I think he gave it his QA paw of approval.