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Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Feather Duster!

Anakin snoozing in his favorite sleeping place with his feather duster tail covering his face :) Hey that rhymes!


  1. Ani, you looks so comfy; with that beautiful duster covering your face you are keeping out the light so you can really sleep and dream of chasing your fur siblings!

  2. Hey Anakin, I am your new biggest fan!!! I just found out tonight that my 16 year old cat name Prince has to have his hind leg amputated. I was so devistated....I started googling 3 legged cats and came across your you tube page. You are such an inspiration!!! Thank you!!!! 😄🐱🏩

    1. Hi Jessica! I am so glad that you found Anakin and I hope that Prince will be ok. We'll be thinking of you and wishing him well!

  3. Ani you are so beautiful and that tail. You really know how to use it; no covers please I have my feather duster tail.