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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Anakin in a box

Anakin is so happy I'm home from DragonCon. Look at that sweet sleepy face & floofy toes!! 


  1. These pics are simply precious! Now that Mommy is home, he can take a long nap! Boxes seem to make the best beds for cats.

  2. Everything is now safe and at peace for our Ani! Mommy is home!!!! Just came back from the hospital and our cat "Callie" spent many hours on my lap, by my head in bed and on my lap again today. Callie likes Ani! Hugs and purrs, Kathy

    1. The hospital! Oh no! I hope you are feeling better <3 Love to you and Callie too!

    2. I've got cancer and seem to be in the hospital almost every month. Does get tiresome, but I am holding my own. Thanks so much for your thoughts Carrie! I still keep up with Ani most of the time. Wasn't able
      to respond for ages, upgraded my system and then could do it. Love to you, the kitties and is the dog still with you? Hope so, he is mother to all the kitties, too. Kathy

    3. :( I'm so sorry Kathy. I hope you are kicking cancer's butt! I'm so glad you are still able to follow Ani & the gang. Yes we still have Buddy. He had surgery for some big benign growths a few months ago and is still doing fine. He'll be 16 on Dec 21! Love to you all too!!