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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Anakin had bloodwork today...

Anakin's bloodwork done this morning all came back normal. They checked everything, Liver enzymes, white cells, red cells, electrolytes, glucose, kidneys, thyroid, etc.... it was a full wellness panel. The only thing out of range was his Total Protein, the range goes to 3.9 and Anakin's is 4.0. She didn't think that was an issue thought. So they don't think that anything on the bloodwork is a part of this shivering jerking motion that Ani is doing. We also decided yesterday to take his cone off too and so far he's really happy it's off and not irritating himself at all. Both vets are going to do some research tonight and see if they can figure out anything about why Anakin is having this twitching. Hopefully that can come up with something. Ani goes back to the vet on Monday to get a UTI recheck, with his white cells being so good on his bloodwork they really think the infection is gone. But we want to be sure, better safe than sorry. Here's a short video of Ani twitching this morning. He isn't doing this all day long. The twitching comes and goes at random times. I really hope that it's just some weird residual effect from all the meds he's been on that will just fade away and stop soon on its own.
Thank you all for the well wishes!!


  1. So glad Ani's tests came back showing good results. Just hope they can find out what is causing his twitching. I'm glad it doesn't seem to bother him because it is sad to watch. Hopefully, the vets will find some cause in their research. Pic of him is so, so handsome. Prayers being sent your way, Ani and family.

  2. I hope this twitching disappears once he's got the meds out of his system. Purrs.

  3. Looking gorgeous as always!!! Sweet, beautiful Anakin! Love you! ♥♥♥