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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Hallmark Channel Kitten Bowl is on Now!

The Kitten Bowl V is on Now! It will replay again right after this first showing too. Anakin was shown in the opening intro & again just a few minutes ago. His & Mika’s segment will be on soon! Hallmark Channel's Kitten Bowl and Kitten Games Website here, Exciting News!! Anakin and Mika are going to be on TV! They will have a small featured segment in Kitten Bowl V! Hallmark Channel's Kitten Bowl and Kitten Games on Sunday February 4, 12/11c. Kitten Bowl V this year will feature video clips of special kitties like Anakin & Mika to help promote to their viewers to consider rescuing and adopting "special needs" kittens and cats. We are thrilled to have Anakin & Mika be a part of this & hope you will tune in to see them on the show. I know it will be asked so I will answer that now, Their video segment was created using video footage I made of Ani & MIka. No, I did not let anyone come to my house & film them ;)

1 comment:

  1. Carrie, it was just great seeing Ani and Mika on TV. Just loved the scene with Ani and George. Remember him as the one who always accepted the new kitties before the others did. Maybe Ani and Mika could get their own kitty show!!