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Sunday, November 12, 2023

Pixie Update 💜 Much better

Pixie Update 💜 Pic from today. She still looks a little out of it but she is doing much better. She still seems pretty high and her pupils do not get much smaller in the light. She is acting like she feels a lot better and has purring and making biscuits. She’s been eating her foods and is using her litter box again. I am still keeping her in my bedroom away from everyone else. I’m keeping a close eye on her. I am not sure if she has slept? That makes 72 hours today. She does  seem calmer and does rest and put her head down but her eyes stay open. If she did sleep, it would’ve been last night when I was asleep, so I don’t know if she did. When I did wake up and check on her she was awake. Thank you so much for all of your well wishes and love for Pixie! We really do appreciate it 💜💜💜


  1. Poor Pixie. So glad that stuff is wearing off.

  2. Thinking good thoughts for Pixie. Somehow I am not on your email list anymore and I didn't get any posts in the mail about Ani turning 11 or Pixie. I will have to resign up I guess.