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Monday, January 15, 2024

Anakin and Arya ❤️

January is starting out rough! Anakin had a UTI last week and had to go to the vet for an anti-inflammatory shot. He has finished his antibiotics and is feeling much better! UTIs are somewhat chronic for him though because of his missing back legs and pelvis. Arya has also been sick and to the vet 3 times last week. She also has a uti and diarrhea and is being treated for all of that. However, she has something else going on with her too, and they’ve did some special  bloodwork that came back today and she has Hypercalcemia. The vet does think it is probably idiopathic and not caused by cancer or kidney disease because none of her other blood values that would indicate cancer or kidney disease were out of range. She also had X-rays that were all normal with no tumors as well. So she is on a new prescription food and will be on Prednislone to see if that helps her bring her calcium levels back into normal range. She will be rechecked in a month. She is also finishing up her UTI antibiotics tomorrow and is feeling lots better. 

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