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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Kazu Diabetes Update ❤️

Kazu Diabetes Update ❤️ A cute pic of Kazu next to his first full bottle of lancets and test strips. Honestly, I was really hoping we might be able to have him in remission before we filled this bottle. That has not happened yet, but that does not mean it won’t ever happen. I am still very hopeful that remission will happen for him. Kazu is still really good about being tested and getting his shots. We have also got his new low carb wet foods and paste treat down to those that he likes that do not raise his blood glucose levels. We have not been able to find a low carb dry food that he can eat that does not raise his blood glucose levels. I have tried all the dry food samples recommended for diabetic cats, and none of those work for him. So for now, he is strictly on low carb wet food. Kazu does act like he feels so much better and has been playing a lot more and much happier. So that is all wonderful because how he is feeling is so important.❤️ 

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