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Monday, July 1, 2024

Kazu is hospitalized at the vet today 😿

Kazu is at the vet being treated today. He is not feeling well. Friday Night I noticed he didn't want to eat as much and not eating from the table at night. We were still able to coax him to eat through the weekend with his paste treat on top of his food and gave him Cerenia tablet for nausea. This morning Kazu had an exam, bloodwork, and urinalysis done at our vet. He is slightly dehydrated, has too much glucose in his urine. He has never had ketones before. They said he had ketones now .5 , a slight UTI - Cocci 1+. His blood glucose was 379 before I took him to the vet. It was over 400 at the vet. They think this could be why he doesn’t feel good and doesn’t want to eat with all of these issues going on. They kept Kazu to give him an IV with fluids, she also said they were going to give him some regular insulin (I don’t know what that is) to try and bring his blood glucose down. Also based on what kind of UTI he has, they are starting him on Clavamox. They are also going to send off a fructosamine test. I really hope he’s going to be OK. I am so upset & worried about him. He has to be ok! We are picking him up later this afternoon. I will update you on how he’s doing then. I’m a stressed out worried sick mess! ❤️


  1. Sending prayers, purrs and good vibes to you all. I'm having the same issue. My 12 year old kitty spent a night in hospital last week for breathing issue. Fluid in the chest cavity, he has heart disease now and kidney issues too. Responding well to meds so far. Hoping they can help Kazu. My stomach has been in turmoil. It's not fun.

    1. Thank you so much! Please give my love to your kitty too <# I hope he feels better soon too xooxox!