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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Anakin is getting a Brother! Happy Valentine's Day!

Wonderful news! I'm adopting another special needs cat. I saw him in a facebook photo yesterday and fell in love with him. Through the networking help of a lot of people online ( Texoma Pets Alive & Friends of Arlington Animal Services) we were able to get this kitty rescued from the shelter. He is currently in a foster home and my hubby and I will be driving part of the way to pick him this weekend! Her he is.... How adorable is he! I can't wait to go get him. I am told that he is missing one back leg, the other back leg is only a half of a leg and he's missing half his tail. He looks Purrfect to me! :)

This is a photo of him in his foster home....

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Anakin says, "I can't wait to meet my brother from another mother!" :D I got a little update on Mika at his foster home. "He is doing great, getting around really well, and that he's friendly with her other cat. He also needs a bath, but they gave him Frontline at the shelter, so she didn't want to bathe him." All good news! I also have asked if they can find out any back story on him. Where he came from? Was he someone's pet? etc. If I find out anything else I'll let you all know.
Happy Valentine's Day Love Anakin The Two Legged Cat


  1. Carrie, How great of you and your family to adopt another kitty. He is a pretty little fella. But, guess I am partial to Ani--he's the most handsome!! Hope Ani enjoys showing Mika around his new home.
    Happy Valentine's to all the family.

  2. Such good people, Im sure they will get on famously even if it takes a day or two ;)

  3. How wonderful, Carrie!! The poor li'l orange guy looks a bit lonely in the bottom photo, but that will change very soon! No way to be lonely in his new home! lol! Is he a kitten, still? Teenager, perhaps, from his looks? He's just adorable!
    Obviously, Anakin has cornered The Humongous Gorgeous Floofy Tail market, but Li'l Mika has The Incredibly Amazing Ear-Hair thing nailed!! Teehee!! Between the two of them, they've got it all covered! ;-)

  4. I am so happy, Carrie, that you are getting another loved kitty! Mika will fit into this family so easily! Please keep us all up to date on any and all information about Mika. He is adorable! Maybe Ani will help Mika with the tail thing and other little tricks Ani has learned. When can you bring him home? Will you keep the name Mika? Can't wait! How old is he? So many questions, I know. He and Ani will become friends just like the rest of his family. Love, hugs, and purrs, Kathy

  5. Oh my he sure does look absolutely Purrfect! What a kyooty!

  6. This little boy is just what you need! You folks have HUGE hearts to bring another kitty into your home...and a special needs one at that!

    You're a wonderful inspiration to us all. Hope you post videos of Mika as he's progressing & getting used to the clan!

    My name shows annonymous here, but I'm BungalowMo13 on You Tube!