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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Caffrey ~ Another Amazing 2 Legged Cat!

Check out Caffrey! :) He's another amazing cat that his only 2 legs due to amputation. Both legs are on the same side & Caffrey can is still run around juts fine :) Bravo to Caffrey's owners for taking care of him. He's got awesome balance just like Anakin! Go Caffrey!! :D


  1. Wow Anakin this kitty is as amazing as you are!

    Stop by my blog as I have a Surprise Just fur you!

  2. I watched the video of Caffrey and was happy to see him balancing his walking with two legs on one side! He is so pretty! Way to go, Caffrey! Purrs and hugs to you, Kathy

  3. I just hope Ani doesnt get jealous.

  4. Came here to tell you of that cat, but I see you've already heard of her :-)