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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Anakin Surgery Update (Day 2)

Anakin 2 legged cat Neuter surgery recovery day 2
Anakin Surgery Update! Well Mama's Lil Man is feeling a bit better today. He's more alert and walking around more than yesterday. Ani ate most of his breakfast this morning but I only gave him half his normal portion. Here's a pix from a little while ago. He blinked when I took the pix and I didn't want to bother him with the camera flash when he's not feeling well. You can see 2 of his 3 incisions in this pix, his shaved belly and where they shaved his arm for his iv. He is laying on the other incision. Answering a few questions that have come up... Why did we get Anakin neutered? Anakin needed to be neutered for many reasons, He was starting to mark territory in my house like a male cat. Also having testicles that remain in the abdomen is not good for his health. They are more prone to future problems like cancer or torsion (twisting and cutting off blood supply). So it was best for him to be neutered. Why isn't Anakin wearing The Cone of Courage after this surgery? Ani doesn't need the cone unless I see him excessively grooming his incision areas. His incisions are closed with surgical glue so there are no stitches that can be pulled. Thank you again for the overwhelming love and support! It means a lot to us! ((((HUGS))))

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  1. So happy you are feeling a little better today, Ani! I will keep on praying for you. Wish I had surgical glue for my operations! Have had stiches and staples and scars from both. Keep on getting better every day and you will soon be up to normal again! Love you lots! Kathy