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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mika's Welcome Video on The Animal Rescue Site ! **Anakin Update**

Here's Mika's Welcome Video on The Animal Rescue Site ! **Anakin Update** Ani is doing a little bit better this morning. He's drooling less and also trying to groom himself now too. I'm trying to keep him from licking his incisions. I really don't want to have to put the cone on him! It was asked if he is eating and drinking ok. Yes, he is eating & drinking fine. He's getting messy while eating though because of his tongue. So I clean him up after he's done. It was also asked if I could give him L-lysine to help his mouth heal. Yes, he is getting a supplement paste made for cats with L-lysine in it to help his mouth heal.  Also I wanted to Thank you all for everything again. All the love, support well wishes, donations & gifts! I'm so sorry I haven't been able to thank you all properly yet. I am so behind right now with everything from Anakin's surgery and getting ready for my upcoming art shows. Things will be back to normal in a few weeks and everyone will get proper thank yous from me and the kitties :)


  1. So glad Ani is doing a little better. Yes, I saw Mika's video earlier this week on the Animal Rescue Site. I go there everyday to click to give food to animals. In fact that is where I learned about Ani last year, which led me to your blog. Glad I am getting to follow Ani and all his great progress. Thanks again, Carrie, for taking such good care of your furbabbies.
    Happy Caturday! Sandy

  2. Just looked at Mika's video again and enjoyed it even more. What a gorgeous kitty he is! He and Ani tie for first place in any beauty contest! Love, hugs and purrs to Mika! Kathy