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Friday, July 25, 2014

Mika watches TV

Mika Bunny love to watch his buddy Ian (my son) play video games :) This pix was take a few nights ago by my son's girlfriend through FaceTime. Mika watches TV a lot especially at night while laying at the end of my bed. Do your cats like to watch TV too? 


  1. Mika Bunny, you seem so interested in that video game! Can't you get Ian to let you play for just a second?
    Shad does not seem too interested in TV. Sometimes will look if he hears a cat doing a cat food commercial!
    However, he did really perk up a couple of times when I was viewing videos of Ani and Mika playing with their toys.
    He reminded me of a little person, just watching every move you guys made!
    Happy Caturday!!

  2. Mika is really glued to the TV! My cat loves to watch animal films or series on TV. Hugs and purrs, Kathy