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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Q&A How long is Anakin's Tail?

Anakin Q&A ~ How long is Anakin's Tail now that he's full grown? Anakin's tail measures 15.5 inches from its start to the end of the fur at the tip. Just for comparison I also measured the tails of Trixie - 9 inches, Zoe - 10 inches, and George - 11 inches. So yes Anakin has a huge tail! :) How long is your cat's tail?  


  1. Wow, that is one LONG tail, Anakin! Mine is 12 inches - my human measured it a while back!

  2. Ani, that is certainly a long, beautiful tail.
    Just measured my cat, Shad's tail, and it is 11 inches long. He was "dropped off" in my yard when he was just a few weeks old and is now 10 years old. He is part Maine Coon and always walks with his tail straight up! He reminds me a lot of you and that's why I asked earlier if you are part Maine Coon.

  3. Ah, I knew Ani was the Prince of Tails! Way to go, Ani, your tail always has your back! Got to measure Callie's tail when I find the tape measure. Now, she is too busy playing with catnip toy! Hugs and purrs, Kathy