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Friday, January 4, 2013

New Photo ~ Anakin & His Nicknames

Anakin Two Legged Cat's Nicknames, The Baby, Lil Man, Ani, Boogie, Boogins
Anakin sitting on his stairs to the window sill. He sits like this a lot, with his booty on the top step & legs on the next step :) Question for you... We all have nicknames we call our furbabies other than their given name. Anakin has quite a few nicknames, Of course we call his "Ani" the most. I also call him "The Baby", "Lil Man", "Boogie" and another variation of that "Boogins" :) My other cats also have nicknames, George is "Georgie Porgie", Trixie is "Big Girl", Zoe is "Grumpy" or "Baby Girl" and Pixie is "Pudgie" or "Pudge". What nicknames do you call your furbabies?


  1. What a cutie, he is. My little girl, Charlie, gets "Charlie girl" and girliegirl. Ollie, get "guyguy" and "babe". And Stanley, the alpha (these three are natural siblings), gets "Dude" and "brat".

  2. Domino the cat, aka Mino, Mino-meister, Mino-beano-bambino and strangest of all, Eyeballs.

  3. My furbaby's name is Clarabelle. But I usually call her Monstercat, kitkat or Boo.

  4. One gorgeous cat! Now, if I were a female cat, I would definitely call him my boyfriend! Ani is my favorite nickname but love the others too. We call our Callie "kitty Callie" most of the time, sometimes we call her "spoiled brat" for usual reasons, and "gorgeous" as well. She is a Calico, so she thinks she is pretty wonderful. But what a loving snuggle-baby she is most of the time! Love, Hugs and Purrs, Kathy

  5. By whatever name you call him, he is most precious!!
    I have a cat that was dropped out eight years ago, and I named him Shad, short for Shadow, since he followed my other cat everywhere. I sometimes refer to him as "Shaddie," "Mama's Baby," "Fat Boy," and occasionally "Bad Shad"!!
    Have a "purr-fect" Caturday!!

  6. Awww love their nicknames.... well my Misty (a 6.5kg 18month old boy) is Misty Boy,my Ickle lickle boy, Big Boy.... Poppy is Poppy Puss, poppy woppy doo dah, Pops... and Tinx is Tinxy Boo, Tinxy moo Loos, Tinxy Minxy Moo..... they come whatever I call them, just as well really..... love how Ani has settled in.....

  7. My cat is named Betty, her nicknames are usually "Furball", "BettyBoo","Attackcat" or "move over so i can see the computer monitor"

  8. Moses (aged 2, ginger) mose, mose the pose, the pose, the ginge, h.r.h.(his royal highness), the tiger, kitten, the ginger hole.
    Megan (age 11, black and white) her madge, (her majesty) h.m. Meggypegs, meg the peg, the peg, velcro cat, the black pillow, the black hole.

    Anakin has such a magnificent tail. He's really grown up now, isn't he!

  9. Izabell (age 2, black & white) Izzy, spaz, and spoild. Shadow (age 6 months, black)Fur ball and spaz.

  10. Murphy is my big ginger cat,he weighs 7.6kilos and he is so special to me.He is also called the ginge,mumsboy,precious boy and Murph!!
    Love Anakin's little names...he is such a beautiful cat and is looking so grown up