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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Photo ~ Anakin with Christmas cards!

Anakin Cat With Two Legs, Christmas cards
Anakin with another batch of gorgeous Christmas Cards we got in the mail. Thank you so much to all of you!! It has been a nice surprise to get all of these cards in the mail. ((((GIANT HUGS))) I also added in a few of Ani's 6 Months Birthday cards in this pic that I didn't get photos of already ;) Thank you to you all too!! :) Anakin wouldn't look at the camera when I was taking this pic. Instead he's looking at my daughter standing on a chair next to me shaking some beads LOL! Beads! We all know Ani LOVES beads! :)


  1. thoz R sum way awesum cards dood N we bet ewe getted MOR cards than yur mom huh !!!

  2. :D Thank you! Oh yes, way more cards!! LOL!