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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Photo ~ Anakin in a paper bag

Anakin in a paper bag, Two legged cat
Handsome Anakin sitting in a paper bag. You can see just how ripped up it's gotten from Ani & the gang. They love this bag so much I have to put it up on the kitchen counter at night so they don't wake me up playing in it a rustling it around the kitchen floor! Mika is settling in nicely. I've been feeding the cats all at the same time with Mika on one side of the baby gate and the others all on the other side. I also let him do a little bit of exploring around the house. I made some video. Hopefully I'll have some time to edit it and get it posted tomorrow. I'm soooo behind with everything right now!!


  1. whoa...dood...look at how big ewe haz getted !!! we toll ya trout wood due de trik :)

  2. We are patient, Carrie, take your time! You are doing such a wonderful job with all your babies and I know your real job as an artist is on the back burner. God bless you! It looks like you have accomplished the bonding thing with the kitties. Come on Ani, give a little love to Mika! Love, Hugs and purrs, Kathy