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Monday, February 18, 2013

New Photos ~ Mika settling into our home

Picking up Mika Saturday night in Morgan City LA. Thank you so much to Texoma Pets Alive, Friends of Arlington (TX) Animal Services (FAAS), Jennifer Juniper Alexander, Bucky Eads, Julie Ohmer Barbier, Mika's foster mom Carrie, Julie's friend Cindy & my awesome hubby Dewey! :)

Mika relaxed with my son Ian in his bed all afternoon & evening. Mika is such a cuddly lover!

George being his normal friendly self :) The vet was all booked up today so we have an appointment tomorrow to get those legs looked at.

George & Mika! Lots of nose sniffing and little paw pats. These two will be friends in no time.

Anakin watching Mika by the gate. Anakin has been growing & hissing a lot but he'll come around

Anakin sitting by the gate. So far George is the most friendly. Zoe has come over and looked at Mika twice and just walked away. Trixie has come over and hissed a few times. Mika is so sweet he's just been cooing & meowing at the other cats.


  1. Mika just sounds like such a special kitty, the kind of guy who loves everybody! I am sure you are right and he will integrate himself into your family VERY quickly!

  2. Looks as if Mika is settling right in. He seems so content. How sweet of George to be so friendly.
    Won't be long until Ani enjoys having a new brother!
    What a handsome family you have, Carrie.
    Good luck at the vet today.

  3. Heh, its always the ones who should be the most welcoming (Anakin) who are weirded out when a new face shows up, hes young though and will be fine in a few days. George is a total saint though. You are all wonderful people.

  4. I am sure Anakin will be playing with Mika in no time. What a pretty kitty!

  5. Awww he is so cute... I'm sure Ani will come around in no time and Mika seems so laid back... you are such a special person to take in these special puss cats, they will live a very happy life with you....

  6. Look at Ani's tail! Ani, you could give Mika a bit of your tail. Oh I hope Ani and Mika get along great! Ani, you can share your spotlight. Mika is beautiful! Love, hugs and purrs, Kathy