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Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Photos ~ Anakin, Mika & The Gang

Mika, Anakin's Brother from Another mother
Mika is doing great! I have been able to remove the baby gate and he has the run of the house during the day now. He is very friendly with Buddy (our dog). He does his little coo sound at Buddy & all the other cats too. Anakin and the others are hissing a lot less too!

Anakin & Mika on the screened porch
Anakin & Mika screened porch :)

Mika Looking out the front window
Mika looking out the front window.

Mika, George, Zoe Pixie & Trixie at dinner time

Mika, George, Zoe, Trixie & Pixie eating dinner together Nope Anakin isn't there. Since Anakin is on a special diet with his laxative meds mixed in his food & he tries to take the others food he has to eat his dinner in the bedroom.


  1. Great to see Mika settling in. How does he get around? Does he use his back legs?

  2. Mika really looks so happy! Glad the other fur babies are accepting him. George seems to be the good will ambassador! Ani is probably a tad jealous, but he will probably be showing Mika around in no time.

  3. Mika has really been quick at fitting in with all the others! But Ani doesn't seem to want to bond with Mika. Are they getting along any better? I have the feeling it is sibling rivalry. Love, hugs and purrs, Kathy